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Swimming Pool Design & Installation

Pool Design & Pool Installation by Holiday Hot Tubs

We offer beautifully customized in-ground pool solutions for your home with water features that enhance your backyard. We have the in-ground pool you’ve been dreaming about to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our seasoned creative team can help customize your vision with the latest style trends which are 100% tailored to your preferences.

If you can dream it, we can build it! You will be surprised at what we can do with our wide selection of shapes and sizes, but sometimes you want or need a shape that’s different. A pool that is completely customized to your particular corner of the world. We love the challenge! Because of our modular configurations, advanced production capabilities, and integrated systems, we can design and build almost any pool you want. In fact, we love a challenge and relish the opportunity to bring our expert capabilities to a new design. Whether you want a small pool to help you stay in shape or a free-flowing layout that conforms to a tough landscape, we can give you exactly what you want.

When purchasing an in-ground pool, the process can be overwhelming. At Holiday we will assist you with all of the steps to design the pool just for you! Here is an overview of the customer design process:


We offer two types of inground pools: fiberglass pools and vinyl liner inground pools. Each type of pools comes in many different shapes and sizes. Deciding to build a pool is easy. Choosing the type of pool that best meets your needs is an important step in the process. Liner pools are often less labor intensive and more affordable than concrete pools. By choosing a liner pool, you open up your options to all aspects of design and fun. There are a variety of patterns and colors allowing you to personalize your pool scape. Optional features are available to further enhance and inspire your vision.

The Vinyl Liner Pools most significant element is the wall and bracing system. It is clearly the strongest, most rugged framing and is resistant to corrosion. Factory engineered for strength and durability, it provides your family with a lifetime of enjoyment.

Steel walls – The steel wall pool panel is made of corrosion resistant steel, and is also complete with braces and support ribs for lasting durability. When combined with the structural design of the panels, steel walls provide unparalleled strength for your dream pool experience

Polymer walls – The polymer wall panel, composed of a heavy-duty and durable plastic, is completely non-corrosive, as strong as steel and made to withstand the elements. As a rigid composite material similar to what’s used in automobiles and sports equipment, the innovative design of polymer wall panels provides premium performance and longevity for your new swimming pool


The depth of an inground pool can vary based on how you want to play in your pool. For example, if you want a dive-able deep end or just a constant depth pool.


When building your inground pool, there are many different features and design elements to choose from. Here are a few popular items to consider:

Water Slides

  • Tanning Ledge
  • Built in stairs
  • Benches and Coves
  • Chlorine Generator
  • Heating
  • Cleaners
  • Covers
  • Liners
  • Games
  • Hot Tub Connection
  • Diving Board
  • Jump Rocks
  • Type of Lighting

Lighting your pool isn’t just an option, it’s an important safety feature. When the sun goes down, let your pool gleam with designs to enhance your pool’s landscape. We offer a variety of unique lighting options that allows you to entertain well into the evening hours. By using a combination of low-profile lights around the outside edge and added color lights underwater, you can provide playful illumination for guests above ground and vibrant displays for swimmers.

Water Feature

Water features convert the marvelous to the thrilling. Give your pool the look of a tropical retreat, dreamy sanctuary, luxurious escape or family fun resort. We’ll help you take the water ‘wow-factor’ of your pool to the next level. By adding one or more water features, your pool suddenly becomes more – more exotic, more elegant, more romantic and more fun!

Pool Decking and Coping

Your pool is an extension of your home. Make the transition from indoor to outdoor living by creating a pool scape with stunning cooping and decks. Coping, or the cap or rim you see around the perimeter of your pool, is usually made of brick or stone and has smooth, rounded edges for both comfort and style. You can choose classic designs which blend with decking or bold accents that make a statement.

  • Type of Decking
  • Type of Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Natural Stone