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Spa Accessories and Supplies

Holiday Hot Tubs & Pools: Spa Accessories and Supplies

Spa covers & lifters

We all know that hot air rises and most heat loss will be from the surface of your spa. So a quality spa cover is the most important factor in energy savings. PDC Spas Covers feature a full-length heat seal which minimizes the heat loss from the hinge region, which maintains more consistent water temperature and efficient heating operation. Rock-It cover lifters are available for easy opening and closing of the hot tub thermal cover.

Spa covers & lifters

Spa filters, cartridges & chemicals

Time to replace your filter? We can help match the right filter for your spa. We have the chemicals and filters to assist you with your hot tub needs. All of the products we carry are designed for PDC Spas hot tubs. We carry the chemicals that will not cause damage to your spa and its components. There are other products available that say they are for spas, but are in fact very caustic and will cause damage to your equipment. So be safe and buy your products from us. Here at Holiday Hot Tubs & Pools, we can help answer any questions or issues you have related to your tub & its water chemistry. Don't hesitate to ask.

Spa Water Care

Spa Filtration

Hot Tub Steps

PermaWood™ steps provide safety and convenience to your hot tub oasis. The stylish tier design is manufactured with various choices in color, length, and number of tiers. The 2-tier design fits with medium to compact hot tub models and the 3-tier design with the popular deeper models.

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Swim Spa Accessories

Every PDC swim spa is made with your health in mind. Our AquaPak™ fitness programs are designed to deliver the total body workout via aquatic exercise. The versatile AquaForce™ system uses the AquaForce ropes in a range of exercises that target upper body and core muscle groups. Enhance your fitness and swim routines with the AquaCross system to increase muscle and burn more calories using a resistance tether. The non-slip MotionMat™ is both stylish and safe along with providing exceptional comfort and traction for all aquatic activities. Perfect for a full range of agility exercises and stretches, AquaBars™ provide added balance and safety to your swim spa.

Any of these unique fitness systems are economical and easy to use all in the privacy of your backyard. Being active in the natural buoyancy of water is fun and refreshing, encouraging you to return to the water every day in any season.

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Spa & hot tub accessories

Take your soak to the next level with amazing accessories. You’ve created an oasis in your backyard with a hot tub. Now accessorize with such things as pillows, lighting, music, fragrances, towel bars, drink trays and more. All this will help raise the enjoyment and/or therapeutic level of your soak experience.

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